General Terms and Conditions


The prices are without obligation and exclusive VAT and VOC incentive tax.

Information about delivery of colours
Colour and mixture have to be controlled before use. Slight differences of colour are possible, due to the used raw material. In the colour gamut, the colours are produced as precise as possible based on the available samples. gloss level and difference in structure (sample or colour chart in comparison to the object) can lead to differences in colouring. Claim for compensation based on imprecise colouring or confoundation can not be claimed after the manufacturing. Special mixtures can not be withdrawn.

Information about colours of glazes
The colour and therefore also the perception of the colour are strongly dependent on the wood base. For this reason, we advice to apply glaze colours on a sample made from the customers wood and be accepted by the customer..

Terms of delivery and payment
1. All orders are accepted and executed, based on the following terms. By the indention of orders, the customer acknowledges these terms of delivery and payment. Additional verbal agreements require a written confirmation in order to commit the company.

2. Deliveries in Switzerland: If the total invoiced amount reaches CHF 500, the articels will be delivered free of charge to the domicile of the customer; if below CHF 500, also true for postal items, the shipping fee will be extra charged. For resellers, the carriage free limit is 300L per delivery. For deliveries with our own vehicle or by carriers, the shipping fee is CHF 40 flat rate per delivery..
Delivery to abroad: Minimum quantity in agreement with our sales department. Damages from transport: all goods are delivered on invoice and risk of the buyer.
Damages from transport (such as missing parts, damage etc.) have to be claimed by the buyer at the carrier on the same day of delivery.

3. The invoices have to be paid net within 30 days of receipt. A default interest is added beyond that.

4. The distributor is responsible for the appropriate composition of the delivered goods and the suitability for the explicitely defined purpose of use. An extended responsability is not taken, above all for damages caused by applying the products.

5. Immediately recoginzable damages can only be claimed before use or mixture of the goods but no later than 8 days after receipt. Possible complaints do not disburden from fulfilling the delivery- and payment conditions.

6. A correct complaint does bind the distributor for a cut in price. Rectification or change or possibly redemption. Claims for damages can only be made for the max. value of the goods.

7. If not agreed otherwise, there is a guarantee of 1 year. Within this timeframe, a damage complaint can be made everytime.

8. Claims for compensation based on defects of the goods laps one year after the use by the customer. These claims for compensation can only be made, if the product is used within 6 months after the buy.

9. All incidents that are out of influence and control of the distributor count as higher force and free from every obligation to guarantee and deliver.

Technical information (data sheet)
The buyer commit to take note of the outhanded technical information and the corresponding recommendations.
The technical informations are composed based on the latest technical status. They are non binding advices and recommendations. A binding force for the overall validity of technical information must be excluded, because the use and manufacturing methods are out of our influence. For the change of a product (due to technical progress) the respective new guidelines are valid.
The different kind of the character of ground require respective adjustements of the method of operation.

Place of fulfillment
CH-4657 Dulliken
Applicable law
CH-4657 Dulliken
Court of jurisdiction
Court of jurisdiction for all involved parties is exclusively Olten.