The Swiss Environmental label

Why an Environmental label?

The colour- and lacquer industry as well as the involved associations have recognized and reacted to the need for a broad identification of inner wall and ceiling paints. The previous labelling were hardly comprehensible by the customers. Lots of products have even not been tracked.

The newly created Environmental label consists of 7 categories (A - G): category A stands for products with highest standards for environmental- and usable compliance. The categories B - G stand for practical products with adapted attributes for special use.

For more information please see, consult the producer or contact the specialist shop for colours.

We are happy that our complete array of Wallfix products has been awarded with category A.


Refill, preserve the environment and save money! Poison can be harmless!?

At DiOLiN, plastic bottles mus not be thrown in waste but can always be refilled! Please come along with your bottles and we refill them. This preserves the environment and your purse, because you safe money!

Poison can be harmless!?

On April 24th 2010, our chemist Mike Skrodzki held a speech at the EM sales conference with the topic "poison can be harmless!?"

here you can download the presentation